Hide a Contact Group from iPhone

"Help! I have contacts on my iPhone that I don't want there!"

Contact management can be tricky, especially with every device now Synchronizing to every other device and account. Simply adding a new app might give you a whole new list of contacts and this can become overwhelming.  

However, I have a suggestion that can help. What I will suggest is to simply "Hide" the group, and we can always "Show" the group if the result does not prove successful. Other methods (such as deleting) may prove to be undesirable - you might accidentally delete a contact you actually wanted to keep. 

Here's how to "Hide" a contact group on the iPhone: 

First, go to your Contacts and click "Groups" in the top Left corner. 


Notice the Groups that are checked. These are the groups that are shown in the list. Check or uncheck by pressing that group. 


When you've checked or unchecked the groups you would like to show or hide, press "Done". 


If you need more help please feel free to contact me (239) 450-2639 or use the contact form.