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Each project is unique, and costs can be adjusted to match your exact requirements. Please use the following as a cost guideline: 

  1. Informational: Creation or conversion of a basic website, with Single page design or up to 9 pages, 1-3 photos per page and 1-2 paragraphs per page, map, contact form, contact information.
  2. Interactive: Creation or conversion of a new, interactive site with up to 19 Pages, items above, blog, social links, embedded social feed.
  3. Advanced: Up to 29 Pages, 1-2 paragraphs per page, 1-3 images per page, private areas (password-protected portal), embedded video, blog, social, e-commerce, and more. 
  4. Advanced+: Depending on the complexity, objectives, and other factors, your site may require additional time, effort, or resources. Please call if you have questions.  

Each of these items are estimates only, based on similar projects. Each project is unique, so please call or contact for your personalized quote.

Generally, customer is responsible for hosting and domain management and fees.

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