Project Ideas

Here are some project ideas that will require you to innovate and use your experience in computers to create something new. Suggest or Select one and have fun!



Interactive VR Experience

These days, you don't need to travel to a location to experience it. Use Google SketchUp or another 3D application to create a virtual environment. Use a VR viewer such as Google Cardboard to step into your virtual world!


Raise Awareness

What is the biggest issue facing our country today? Research the causes and effects of this issue, and find why we haven't solved it yet. Develop materials to raise awareness on a small and large scale. Prepare a PowerPoint, a Speech, a short Video, a Poster, or any medium of your choice that could be used to help raise awareness about this issue. Find the people who could make a difference, and write a compelling business letter to encourage these individuals to support the cause. 


School of Rock

You and your friends have been playing music in the garage and are starting to get good. Use technology to create a band, complete with an album, instruments and audio equipment, t-shirts, stage and lighting concepts, or even a live concert!



You are the director of a school and your school is growing. People need new spaces and classrooms, and everyone is looking to you as the answer. Use technology to design and fund a new learning space, with equipment and budgets. Research other libraries, maker-spaces, and labs online to design your space. 


Build an iPhone accessory

You might already own an iPhone (or Android, or Windows Mobile, or Blackberry...) and you probably have thought of some ideas to make it better or add onto it. Brainstorm some ways that you could improve the functionality of your phone or other device, make a prototype, and learn what it would take to build your app or accessory. Then, Build It!

More Ideas