Computer Help

Can you remember when computers were just for scientists and teachers, when letters required buying a stamp and waiting 3-4 days to receive it, or when photos were developed one roll at a time? Now, computers and smartphones and social media are integrated into nearly every aspect of our daily lives. 

But what happens when these devices fail, act up, or simply don't get the job done? We can't simply return to the old way of life. You've invested in these devices and services, people are relying on you, and the clock is ticking. You need someone who can connect the dots, see the big-picture, and find the best and fastest way forward. 

Challenges and failures are opportunities. Perhaps the process you're using is flawed and could be improved. Maybe  you've outgrown your solutions, and should consider an upgrade. All of these questions and many more can be daunting without someone on your team with the experience and accountability to answer them. 

With more than ten years of diverse experience applying technology to home and business processes, I can help with tough computer questions, troubleshoot nagging issues, and guide your decisions to move forward.  

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I was having trouble with sending e-mail from Windows Live Mail. Andrew came to the office and within 30 minutes he had figured out the problem and had me up and running again. I haven’t had one issue since with my e-mail either - and it was almost a daily thing before Andrew fixed it. Andrew is prompt, efficient, and has great customer service by following up with his clients after the service is performed to make sure all is still running well. Would definitely recommend him!
— Shelley Schneider, Green Way Landscaping Inc.