Raise Awareness Project

Research issues facing the world today, like violence, cancer or hunger. Find out how large the issue is, and why nobody has solved it yet. Prepare a presentation or video to help raise awareness and convince other people to care about the issue and do something about it. 

Do the following: 

  1. Write a letter to a government official
  2. Prepare a way to educate people about the problem
  3. Convince us to act differently, and try to help the problem improve. 
  4. Propose some possible solutions. 

Present your project to an audience, send your letter, follow up!

Informational Video or Series

Decide on a topic that interests you, and create an informational video / documentary / series on the subject. Write questions and interview people in your community. Develop your own timeline of events and  Here are some topic ideas: 

  1. History of Naples, FL
  2. Tourism in Southwest Florida
  3. Your favorite Author or Artist
  4. The Olympics
  5. How it's Made
  6. Prepare your favorite Meal
  7. ...? Come up with your own!

Shoot video, ideally using 2+ angles and 3-point lighting and mic audio whenever possible, and edit using video software like Adobe Premiere, iMovie, or Final Cut. Share your video on DVD or online.