Restaurant Concept

You want to open a restaurant! Develop your vision of what food will be served there, who will come to your restaurant, and how much it will cost to operate your restaurant. 

Here are some suggestions: 

  1. Research similar restaurants and the cost of ingredients.
  2. Use a Spreadsheet like MS Excel to determine the cost of ingredients for each dish.
  3. Develop a website for the restaurant.
  4. Use a 3D design program to envision the inside of your restaurant. 
  5. Determine what people should pay for each dish.
  6. Use Word, Publisher, or InDesign to make menus.



Create a Website Portfolio

You're a great artist, writer, and thinker! Build a website to show off your portfolio of work. 

First plan the "framework" of the site. Think about how you create an outline for a research paper and then use a similar process to design how your site will look. How many pages do you need? How many need to be shown on the Main menu, or should some be hidden inside the pages themselves? Research how other portfolios are designed and think about the application or method you might want to use to build your website. 

You will need: 

  1. Navigation (a Menu
  2. Written Content (also known as Copy)
  3. Visual Content (also known as Images)
  4. Optionally, additional multimedia (like Video, Animation or Audio
  5. Pages (the actual places where you can see content)